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Marketing department



Marketing is a widely used term to describe the means of communication between the company and the consumer audience.
Our job in this department is discovering consumers interests by doing researches and surveys to find out how to improve our products to please the consumer ,we need the consumer help to be the best we can !

For questions and further information, please contact:

Phone number 0527891287
Click here to send us a message on E-mail.

To answer the surveys contact us:

Phone number 0527190432
Market Research department goals:
* Our goal is to get as much information as possible on consumer preference. This is to find out what he likes and what he likes less.
* Department aims to do it best in marketing its products and aims to be the best, as long as it is possible.
* The consumer first , do our best to have the customer satisfaction.

Fill this form to help us improve our products:
Click here

If you are intrested in being a part of our department please fill the form online
By Clicking here and we will answer you as soon as possible.

 Shared Documents

Competitor Analysisتحليل المنافسين.pdf
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Telemarketing Call Log  التسويق الهاتفى.pdf
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إستطلاع رأى العميل.pdf
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تقييم رضا العميل.pdf
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